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If you haven't been driving your car all that often, you may think it’s okay to skip out on regular oil changes. Even if you aren’t putting a lot of miles on your car, you’ll still need to bring it in for a Mercedes-Benz oil change on a routine basis.

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Consequences of Skipping Oil Changes 

Whether you drive your car everywhere or just from time to time, having clean oil running through your engine is crucial. Cars that sit around for long periods without fresh oil will have issues later on.

As the oil sits, it will start to accumulate dirt and grime, and eventually, lose its viscosity and thicken. Thick oil can lead to a myriad of issues in your engine as it struggles to adequately circulate the engine unit.

Therefore, having the oil replaced in your car at least two times a year (or every six months) is so crucial. Otherwise, you’re looking at quite a bit of internal damage and hefty repair bills. Dirty, sludgy oil will cause unnecessary wear on your car’s engine or other working parts. This causes your car to become unreliable and unsafe and decreases its fuel efficiency.  

Schedule an Oil Change Today 

You can save yourself a lot of trouble and stress by bringing your car in for a regular Mercedes-Benz oil change. We recommend drivers bring their car in for a Mercedes-Benz oil change at least twice a year or every 5,000 to 7,500 miles if you're a frequent driver.

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*Oil changes are for model years 2008 and older.

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